Gutartige Bakterien im Darm können helfen, pathogene Keime zu verdrängen. Sie helfen langfristig auch Entzündungen und chronische Erkrankungen zu verhindern. Ferner produzieren sie Stoffe und Hormone, die helfen, Diabets zu verhindern.

Good Bacteria in the Intestine Prevent Diabetes, Study Suggests

Jan. 18, 2013 — All humans have enormous numbers of bacteria and other micro-organisms in the lower intestine. In fact our bodies contain about ten times more bacteria than the number of our own cells and these tiny passengers are extremely important for our health. They help us digest our food and provide us with energy and vitamins. These ‚friendly’ commensal bacteria in the intestine help to stop the ‚bad guys’ such as Salmonella that cause infections, taking hold. Even the biochemical reactions that build up and maintain our bodies come from our intestinal bacteria as well as our own cells.

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