Frisches Gemuese-Ernaehrung

Frisches Gemüse

Auch durch die Kalorien in Früchten und Gemüse kann man an Gewicht zulegen. Oft wird die Menge an Fruchtzucker und Stärke in dieser Nahrung unterschätzt.

Is There Such a Thing as Eating Too Many Fruits and Vegetables?

„While fruits are nutritious, too much of even a healthy food can lead to weight gain,“ Schantz said. „The key is to remember to control the portion sizes of the foods you consume.“

Schantz reported that overeating healthy foods is easy to do, but the same rules apply to healthy food as junk food. Weight fluctuates based on a basic concept — energy in versus energy out. If your total caloric intake is higher than the energy you burn off in a day, you will gain weight. If it is lower, you will lose weight.

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